Personal freedom & responsibility

Grant has been a tireless advocate for smaller government and increased personal freedom and responsibility his entire life. Grant believes that individuals and families should be empowered with more choice and responsibility with their own lives and property.


Standing up for our community and rural Ontario

Ottawa has too many politicians that do what they’re told, that forget to fight for the people back home who sent them there in the first place.

Whether it’s disrespecting law-abiding firearms owners to score cheap political points, a carbon tax that doesn’t recognize that public transit isn’t an option for people in the country, or drowning our farmers and small businesses in an endless sea of red tape, the last thing we need is another term with a Liberal MP who thinks her job is to represent Justin Trudeau to all of you, instead of giving all of us a voice in Ottawa. We need a stronger voice for rural Ontario in Ottawa, and I intend to be that voice.


Getting our economic fundamentals right

As Conservatives you and I both know how important it is that we balance the budget and get our spending under control. Under Stephen Harper's plan, Canada had a balanced budget in 2015 and was set to be debt free by 2040. Justin Trudeau has squandered that, plunging Canada immediately into huge deficits and endless debt, ensuring that our kids and grandkids will be paying interest on debt for the foreseeable future, and taking money away from front-line services.

Grant will advocate for balanced budgets, lower taxes, and freer and fairer trade.


Being your voice in Ottawa

We elect Members of Parliament to represent communities, and Grant believes that people, not politicians should make decisions on the most important issues. On matters of conscience, Grant will consult the community broadly and vote according to what he hears his constituents want.

On major issues votes on these issues, Grant will hold a constituent referendum similar to what is done by Conservative Member of Parliament Scott Reid. In these constituent referenda, Scott Reid mails every constituent an information package and a ballot, and allows them to vote and mail it to his office postage-free. An example of one of his mailout packages can be found here.